ffidil iwcalil ffidil ffliwtiau gîtar

Teulu is something of a family affair with Sioned Northeast (flute, guitar, ukulele, vocals, and clogs), Eleri Northeast (flute, fiddle,  vocals, and clogs), father to Sioned and Eleri, Gary Northeast (button accordion, guitar, harmonica, and vocals), and Emma Lincoln (fiddle, ukulele, vocals, and clogs).clocsiau cymraeg

Teulu play an energetic mix of both traditional Welsh and composed folk tunes and songs laced with sparkling harmonies, and a number of lively Welsh clog dance sets. These are the tunes, songs, and dances with which the younger members of the band have grown up, and their love of the music is evident in the band's performances.

The band has been performing for more than three  years now and is increasingly in demand as their reputation spreads. They began as regular performers in their local area of Montgomeryshire, but these days are also often to be seen at events much further afield.

The group were in the studio between February and June of 2017, where they recorded their first CD, Cwynion ac Ysbrydion (Whines and Spirits). The CD is now on sale for £10 and available either at gigs or by contacting Teulu.